Singapore Kuya!

Hi there!

Today, I’m starting a new blog called Singapore Kuya!.

It’s my new project to churn out content and features about living, working, and visiting Singapore. It’ll be written from the point-of-view of a Filipino working and living in Singapore for the past eight years.

I hope to write about these topics and more:

Maybe one day when I’ve built a community, I’d love to write in-depth articles and features about Filipinos that contribute to Singapore. I’d love to test my journalism skills to conduct interviews with Filipinos in Singapore.

I hope you subscribe to my blog because I’ll be committed to writing value-add content that is useful not only for Filipinos in Singapore, but for everyone interested in learning more about how it’s like to live in this beautiful city.

I’d love for Filipinos and our international friends to connect via this blog. I would hope to accomplish building a community and providing rich, engaging, and informative content to readers.

Thank you and welcome to Singapore Kuya!

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