4 favorite places to do Filipino groceries in Singapore

In this post, I’ll share with you my top four favorite places to buy Filipino groceries in Singapore. If you enjoy this content, please don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to get notified when there are new posts.

Many years ago, I would load my luggage with groceries from SM Hypermart. I would pack Pancit Canton, Century Tuna, and bottles of Green Cross rubbing alcohol into my luggage to bring to Singapore for personal consumption. Why? Back then, I really didn’t know where to do Filipino groceries.

Today, it’s much easier to find and buy Filipino groceries when in Singapore. Here are my top three places where I’ll go to buy:

  • Lucky Plaza – spoilt for choices
  • Your neighborhood Filipino stores – dedicated
  • ValuDollar – limited selections
  • Major grocery store – your Fairprice and Giant

Lucky Plaza

The obvious place to grab Filipino groceries is at Lucky Plaza. I’ve shopped for sardines and Green Cross alcohol while sending remittances at Lucky Plaza. There is a large selection at Lucky Plaza and you will be spoilt for choice. Many of stores carry the basic necessities. You can also throw in peanuts, grab a cheap haircut, remit cash, and eat Filipino food. Lucky Plaza is your one-stop shop.

Neighborhood Filipino stores

One of the most convenient places to quickly grab Filipino groceries is the neighborhood Filipino store. An example of this is the Katipunan store at Tampines Bus Interchange. Here you can find quick groceries.


You might be able to spot some Filipino groceries at ValuDollar which is popular among Filipinos. The exact selection for Filipino products at these cram-packed stores might be limited. But it’s worth a look.

Major groceries stores

Major grocery stores in Singapore like FairPrice and Giant carry Filipino items in their International Section. You have to keep your eyes peeled because they are often just a few shelves. But once you spot the Mama Sita’s seasoning and bottles of Mang Tomas, you know you’re in business.

Doing Filipino groceries is easier today than it was several years ago. I’ll be writing about where are the better value places to get Filipino groceries and I’ll run a comparison on price points.

Let me know where you go to get your Filipino groceries!

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